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Individual lessons are always tailored to your needs, interests, and life stage. Whether you want to play your favorite songs, discover new music, improve your tone and technique, or get tips on making your home practice more efficient and enjoyable, lessons will give you a clear path to reaching your goals. For more information on what a typical course of study might look like for you or the flutist in your life, read more below!

Lessons should prepare you to be not just a flutistbut a whole musician, an ensemble partner,and to play music your way for the rest of your life.

All students are invited to perform in recitals, attend studio events, and supported in their involvement in the larger music community. Most students participate in school ensembles, community bands, and GTCYS or MYS. While I never require auditions, those in my studio who choose to pursue these opportunities are consistently selected for All-State participation, regional honor bands, and have won local competitions and scholarships, including for college study. 

Suzuki flute student recital group
Flute student recital
Vanamali Medina

Photography by Andrew Nguyen and Alan Compton


I can't rate Vanamali Medina highly enough. She is engaging, motivating, and fantastic with the students. Her newsletters with tips for practice and links to "flute-spiration" music are always a pleasure to read. She gave us some awesome tips on how to make regular practice a habit and I could definitely tell a difference in my daughter's musicality/ability over the course of the school year. I'd highly recommend her to anyone with a flute playing child!

Amanda, studio parent

Studio Membership Includes


Loaner Instruments

Never get stuck without a flute! If your instrument is in the shop or you need a more affordable rental option, I keep a small store of student flutes to lend. 


Performance Options

Students are invited to share a piece in recital each semester as well as bring their own ideas and favorite songs for our annual Pizza and Pop concert and musical holiday cards.


Supportive Community

Practice challenges, holiday parties, and more! Learning an instrument takes time and effort and we all deserve a little acknowledgment and celebration along the way.

Radio show microphones_edited.jpg

Hybrid Scheduling

Whether you're snowed in or on a sunny vacation, you don't need to miss a lesson! Asynchronous and online options are always available.


Purchasing Guidance

Selecting a new piccolo or step-up flute is a big decision! I'll assist you in finding the right budget, options, and instrument for your needs.


Listening Inspiration

It's a big musical world out there! My weekly studio notes feed your ear with interesting pieces and artists from around the globe--and highlight some of the fabulous live music events here in the Cities. 

Photography by Andrew Nguyen and Gilles Gravier

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