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Studio Information 

My teaching approach is centered around music as community. Music connects us to other times and places, to our family and friends in informal jam sessions, to an audience in recital, or to the performer as an audience member in turn. The study of music encourages empathy, exploration of our own emotions, and courage in giving these ideas sound and breath before an audience. 


For 4 to 8-year old beginners, I teach through Suzuki method, learning music as we do our native language with an emphasis on listening and parental support. For students with prior experience or those beginning as part of a band program, we work together to set goals that match their interests and commitment, always prioritizing beautiful tone and a solid technical foundation. I enjoy incorporating folk, jazz, or pop music according to student interest. I encourage all students to share music with their families, join area ensembles, and participate in Twin Cities flute events. In addition to formal and informal recital opportunities, we take concert and opera trips as a studio and have occasional pop-up performances in local retirement homes or even grocery stores. 

If you are interested in joining the studio, please reach out to schedule an observation. 

Online Lessons: Online lessons are always available in case of severe weather or for students for whom travel distance is prohibitive. Where possible, I prefer in-person lessons as it results in a more satisfying musical experience and smoother progress.

Scholarships: We are very fortunate in the Twin Cities to have scholarships available through the Upper Midwest Flute Association. If affordability is a concern, please reach out to me about applying and for information about other possibilities to make lessons available to every interested student.. 

We can’t say enough great things about Vanamali. My daughter is starting her fifth year in her flute studio, having begun in elementary school. Vanamali is a gifted flute teacher for younger kids and teens alike. She is dedicated and engaging and helps her students learn effective practice and performance skills. Her students not only become proficient on the flute but are also introduced to a greater flute community that includes masterclasses, youth symphony, and music camp experiences. It has been a full and enriching experience for my daughter. And, as a parent, it’s been amazing to watch kids start with Vanamali at a young age and see their musical growth through high school. I give her the highest recommendation.

--Franci, studio parent

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